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By Anonymous on Jan 01, 2015 06:36 pm Today we have a bright New Year 2015! We arrive at the new year recognizing potential opportunities, and find a renewed energy for what lies ahead. With this comes the habitual focus on new resolutions....all good, mind you, but from a yogic perspective, let us come into this year with the mindset on sankalpa. This Sanskrit word sankalpa, means "purpose" or "will," and to make a sankalpa means to set an intention. We can resolve to keep our intention and in looking this way at creating more positivity in our lives, we are not set up for disappointment and failure. We can meditate on our intention, and recognize that an important part of sankalpa is learning more about ourselves - what are the factors involved in the difficulty of losing the last 5 pounds, why is there tendency toward initial reactions with anger, what is the emotion tied to the the need for a certain craved behavior,.... Here we can find clarity in creating realistic and manageable ways to honor and work at our intentions, and step by step change the samskaras, or patterns of behavior, replacing them with a more mindful approach to stay the course and create positive change. Along the way, we might be surprised at how many more new opportunities appear on the horizon of possibilities, and how they very well can be within our reach.

Essential oils to use: Grounding blend, Focus blend, Birch and/or Vetiver Yoga Poses to Practice: Warrior Poses to anticipate and ready mind, body and spirit for change Read in browser » (

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