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By Anonymous on Jan 05, 2015 01:44 am Our aim is not perfection - none of us are perfect. Our aim is to improve, to better ourselves and our world and here the lessons on the mat carry over well into life. We meet each day and learn to balance our intentions and what life presents us with. To push through our intention with determination may cause us to act with force, and to miss the learning experiences and perhaps miss the mark altogether. But to temper intention with reality helps us to find what the real lessons are and perhaps surprise ourselves with an unexpected successful outcome. This doesn't mean that we throw the intention out the window - this means that we apply patience as we build awareness, that we don't give up despite any hurdles, and that we realize that learning something new takes practice. Once you are true to the present moment, you learn to be less rigid, to be flexible with what comes up, and more importantly how you apply what you have practiced will surprise you because you will respond from a place that you have become well grounded - the result is a great sense of self-confidence and empowerment! You will then be well on on your way to the next successful stepping stone. We arrive via the same avenue...practice, patience, and persistence.

Poses to practice - any balancing poses - Standing balancing poses like Tree Pose and Warrior III , Arm balances like this one, Peacock, and/or Handstand.

Essential Oils to Use - Arborvitae, Grounding Blend like doTERRA's Balance, and Focusing Blend like doTERRA's InTune. Read in browser » (

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