November 2017 Newsletter

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This is the season of Generosity and Service (seva) and it begins with Gratitude!

Yoga means union, and it can mean coming together.  In this sense the coming together is “to make whole,” and if we think in these terms, we can apply the idea to how we are in community.  We work together in the immediate communities we live in and hope to have a positive effect on our global community and extending beyond that, we come to be in awe of our connection to our universe.  Taking this concept from the micro level to the macro level and back again, reflecting within at the intricacies of our body, then the “care and keeping of you” will affect your capacity to care for others too. This process should keep bringing us back to a foundational word:  Gratitude.   What comes when you see and hear this word?  Does your body release and relax, does your breath deepen, does the stress on your forehead melt away, and does your heart swell? The heart opens and so does the mind when we keep coming back to the idea that leads to ideals:  what we have and what we are is enough; all that we need is here.  So, let us be present and be human together in how we can whittle down the “scarcity theory,” that we need more things, more time, more attention, more care.   In this season of giving, where gratitude is our springboard, let us realize that there is enough within us, and between us, and let us use our yoga practice to become more open and more appreciative of how we can give of ourselves.  

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Understanding Singing Bowls 

In this past year our LifeFit classes have been enjoying the use of “healing sound” through the introduction of singing bowls. 

The use of singing bowls has been around for over 2600 years, stemming from the time of the Buddha and made popular by Tibetan Buddhism. The use of singing bowls has spread into many traditional practices, and in yoga, is considered to provide sound healing.

All things made of carbon have a frequency, from rocks/minerals to human beings, and furthermore we all have our own unique frequency.  When exposed to something with another frequency we are affected by it and we are effective toward it too.  Often singing bowls are used before a meditative practice to affect focus, mood, provide clarity, and to center the mind by providing a one-pointed focus.  The tone of the bowl is produced when the wooden mallet is used to strike the bowl and then running the mallet around the bowl with light pressure. Thus the bowl “sings.” The constant tone will cause the brain to move toward a Theta wave frequency, inducing a sense of peacefulness as well as helping to provide clarity of mind.  This consistency will also allow the practicioner to sink into a deeper state of consciousness.  Furthermore, it is thought that musical tones at 7 to 8 cycles/second activate the deeper intelligence, creativity, and self-healing mechanisms of the body. Since our bodies are have specific frequencies, when these vibrations are out of sync, we are prone to disease/illness. Singing bowls provide a healing process by providing and aligning frequencies that bring us back toward internal harmony.  Enjoy the process and consider getting one for yourself. More singing bowls are on their way from Nepal and India, to our LifeFit sangha (community).


Two new classes on the horizon this month to be held at Christ UMC; 410 N Holden Rd:

In the month of November, LifeFit students and friends have two opportunities to experience the following classes:

1.  Yoga and TRE (Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercise).  Many folks have tried TRE with the formality of the exercises designed by founder, Dr David Bercelli, PhD.  In this group class, we will experience substituting yoga poses and preparations that simulate the work of the TRE preparatory exercises and find the enhanced effect of trauma informed yoga along with this wonderful release practice.  TRE works physically at the facial level yet helps all of us release the effects of stress and trauma that the body tends to hold onto when we do not take time to find healthy ways to care for body, mind and spirit. Prerequisite is to have had a private TRE session or to have attended a TRE workshop.  Register at See more on TRE: here.   Dates:  November 19 and 26 3:00 – 4:15  Cost $20 for each class.  Register for both:  $35 Space for 15.  New class will form for the new year.


2.  Yoga Nidra November 26, 4:45 – 6:00 pm. Yoga Nidra is a traditional restorative practice that promotes deep rest and performed in a savasana (corpse pose) position. Classically pre- practices and pre-pre-practices are done to release tension and then the body, free of tension, is able to rest in a well-supported, still position, moving through stages of body scan and breath awareness.  The preparations are accessible to everyone, at all levels of fitness.  Register at  Space for 20 The intention is to continue with a monthly class in the new year. Cost is $20 with a percentage of this class going to support the church. Read more on Yoga Nidra here.


Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you, and to give thanks continuously. And because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude.” -- Ralph Waldo Emerson


1 Timothy 4:4 ESV 

For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with thanksgiving,

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If you only say one prayer in a day, make it thank you. – Rumi