Pilates Reformer

“In ten weeks you will begin to feel the changes in your body. In twenty weeks you will begin to see the changes in your body. In thirty weeks, you will have a brand new body.”
— Joseph Pilates
“Physical fitness can neither be achieved by wishful thinking nor outright purchase.”
— Joseph Pilates

The Pilates Clinical Reformer® like most reformers, was designed as a rehabilitative tool.  This top of the line reformer allows for many more adjustments and variety in the practice.  Though the rehabilitative application is meant for people dealing with orthopedic, neurologic and chroic pain, reformer work is used equally for athletic training and general core strengthening. 

Why Pilates Works?

A very important and unique element of both Pilates reformer and matwork is learning to rethink movement, hold better posture, apply breath work and minimize any undue strain from the initiation to the completion of any exercise.  Students begin to subconsciously translate this to functional movement and optimize on the strength gains they build.  Here we get to "reteach" our body the lessons of correct form and movement that can possibly stay for a lifetime.  


As with any exercise program, it is important to check with your physician before beginning.  If you are pregnant, injured or in any way compromised physically, it is imperative that you get the approval of your doctor first.  However, the Pilates reformer and other apparatus were designed originally for rehabilitation.  Joseph Pilates is regarded as the "father of physical therapy."  Patients undergoing physical therapy are to complete their doctor's orders for their physical therapy visits but, overlapping with reformer work toward the end of prescribed physical therapy could create a seamless continued effort to insure continued improvement.  

The overall goal is to break bad habits that come from overuse, aging and settling, injury. and inherited issues.  We want to build a greater sense of body awareness and enjoy moving correctly.  With that comes better posture, a stronger core, better balance, suppleness, graceful movements and an overall feeling of well-being!