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Simply Fit: This senior exercise class meets year-round (except for August).  Classes are held every Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 - 11:15 am. *New Payment Plan*

Class is comprised of:   

  • Warm-up marching

  • Stretch/flexibility work

  • Strength work (hand weights on Tuesdays & resistance bands on Thursdays)

  • Low-impact aerobic work

  • Balance work

Each minute of class is packed with exercises that are preventative in their orientation yet can be quite rehabilitative too.  We call this class “just enough and not too much” in its intensity level.  The fellowship of the group is the real secret to the consistency of the members.  

*Class Rates: Drop in rate is $5/class
$35/month for 8 classes
$18/month for 4 Tuesday classes
$18/month for 4 Thursday classes