Spinal Rejuvenation:

Enrichment Yoga Class 2019-2020

“To access a healthy spine, you begin to have a healthy relationship with your soul.” – Aadil Palkivala

“To access a healthy spine, you begin to have a healthy relationship with your soul.” – Aadil Palkivala


This monthly yoga class will prepare students for the August 2020 retreat in Malaga, Spain.


Greensboro Performing Arts
7101 Pleasant Oaks Drive
3:00 – 4:15 p.m.


September 15, 2019
Tentatively October 13, 2019
Tentatively November 17, 2019

What to Know:

All students must bring a yoga mat, blanket and yoga strap.
Handouts of practice will be provided to encourage home/supplemental practice.

The health of your entire body depends on the health of the spine and nervous system. There is so much more than just understanding anatomy and creating a “fix” based on how we understand the mechanical aspects of movement with regard to taking care of the physical body. These are great forward steps, but the bigger picture allows us to look deeper, as yogis, recognizing that we are spiritual beings on a journey here on this earth, presently in a human body. 

We begin by realizing that our body is a great gift, and holds many truths. Lessons from exercise physiology teach us that to take care of the body, to act from the perspective of wellness and prevention, we need to attend to the components of physical fitness:  muscular strength, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular endurance. Lessons from conventional physical therapy, guiding rehabilitative needs, teach us that with injuries there are three factors in the equation for healing: rest, stretching, and strengthening, and how much attention we give to each depends on whether we are in the acute stage (immediate after an injury) and need to spend more time with “rest,” or if we have moved past that and can begin to add gentle movement, stretch and then strengthening. Lessons from the Vedas (yogic texts) explain the 5 layers of the body, the koshas, and the importance of tuning in to understand past the superficial physical layer, past the secondary energy layer, to the deeper layers, in order to understand ourselves better, and to address healing to include body, mind and spirit (soul). 

Spinal rejuvenation will be a new series, practiced as a once/month Sunday afternoon class and will serve many purposes:

  • To embrace the ideals of yoga therapy – to practice all aspects of yoga (yamas, niyamas, asana, pranayama, meditation, study of yogic texts/excerpts, self study, pratyhara,.., alongside its sister science, Ayurveda.  

  • To introduce yoga to new students in a way that will be accessible to every BODY.

  • To deepen our understanding of anatomy and biomechanics of human movement and explore many variations of poses from the perspective of prevention and rehabilitation.

  •  To have fun using many props in a way that allows us safe support to deepen range of movement, strengthen an increasing range of movement, learn how to incorporate traction, and bring balance to the body. 

  • To understand that the common thread in all the poses is extension of the spine, and how to maximize on this throughout a practice session.

  • To strengthen the frame of the body, the skeletal system.

  • To allow students interested in the August 2020 Retreat to Malaga Spain, to slowly prepare, as that is the theme of the daily practice with “The Great Yoga Wall Stations.”

  • To allow students not interested in going to Spain to benefit from the focus of this theme, to rejuvenate the spine and thus enjoy more freedom in life, physically and emotionally. 

  • To better understand the importance of how resting deeply, with proper support of all aspects of the spine brings balance to the energy body, and thus, clarity to the mind. 

  • To understand the relationship between accessing a healthy spine, and the foundation of having a healthy relationship with your soul.

  • To have more freedom of movement, to feel lighter, to realize the creative potential of a yoga practice and to have fun!

  • To be empowered by feeling that you know yourself better and recognizing that you are stronger than you think!

Points to Ponder:

How shall we practice an asana, a pre-practice or an asana preparation? According to one of my teachers, Indu Arora, “A good measure is when it satisfies the following criteria:

Hitam: Is it beneficial?  Will it add energy to my body?  Will it bring my doshas in balance?  Will it benefit my meditation practice? 

Mitam: How much of it is enough?  Too much or too less of it- both are to be avoided. If you want to learn Yoga, start observing nature. It makes a huge difference when we learn by observation versus simply mimicking. (We will have weekly examples in our practice from this point.) 

Priyam: It is adding pleasantness to the body, breath and mind? If not, we must move on and choose something which does.” Not everything is for everyone, or for every day even. We are all such unique individuals and the practice that will serve our current state will depend on many factors and variables which bring us to the present moment of our practice time. We begin by turning our reflection inward and noticing what we are arriving with, how that informs our practice, and proceed with an openness to learning more about ourselves at that time, being present to the lessons of the practice.”

“When the breath wanders the mind also is unsteady. But when the breath is calmed the mind too will be still, and the yogi achieves long life. Therefore, one should learn to control the breath.” ~Svatmarama, Hatha Yoga Pradipika