Summer Workshops 2018 Schedule

Summer Workshops have concluded for 2018, stay tuned for a new schedule spring of 2019

Consider our fall osteoporosis workshops in the interim

Workshop Cost:  $25/workshop - When you register one week prior to class date - $30/Workshop if within a week of date.

Location:  Christ United Methodist Church, 410 N.Holden Road Youth Building

Note: All workshops qualify for Yoga Alliance continuing education credit.  Each workshop includes practice and lecture. Great handouts to include sequences practiced! All participants need a yoga mat and a blanket

Workshop Descriptions

Hip Openers – As the hips are the base of the spine, balance, strength and flexibility in how the hips are able to move is essential for back health. As the hips join the upper and lower body, optimal hip function is critical creating balance in how the upper and lower body can move. And, when the hips are “open,” (flexible and optimally functional) the shoulders will be more open too. These things and more you will learn from this practice.

Yoga for a Healthy Back – The common thread in all the poses is “extension of the spine. The movements that the spine was designed to perform are: forward bending, back bending, side bending, twisting and extension. The sequence of this workshop includes all such movement and is designed to serve both as a preventative as well as a rehabilitative practice. Modifications will be given and everyone will be able to practice within their means. This practice is essential to beginning students and foundational to seasoned yogis.

Ayurvedic Principles – Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science dates back 5,000 years to the Sanskrit texts, the Vedas, and translates as “knowledge of life.” Ayurveda recognizes that the minute of your conception determines your “prakruti,” (nature) which is determined by a unique combination of the three universal life forces known as doshas, and that we are all made up of a unique combination of these three energies. Preserving your personal balance at any time, season, stage in life requires building awareness of how environment can trigger imbalances and how to use diet, lifestyle and mind-body modalities for both prevention and recovery to ensure balance in your doshas and therefore optimal health. We will delve deeper into Ayurvedic study and yoga practice with regard to dosha in this workshop.

Ayurvedic Aromatherapy – As Ayurveda is a plant based wellness practice, we will review the “super herbs,” try out some recipes, discuss mind and body practices enhanced by the use of Ayurvedic aromatherapy, and take home a few samples of what we make in this workshop. This will be a lot of fun and hands on – come and bring a friend!

Deepening Your Practice – A comprehensive and creative sequence designed to work hard and rest deeply. We will use all of our props and a variety of yogic tools: mantra, pranayama, mudra, sound healing and aromatherapy. Come for a great practice to fine-tune the development of your own practice with confidence, safety and joy!

TRE- Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercise – Developed by Dr. David Bercelli, TRE is a wonderful mind-body modality designed to release the gripping patterns that come from both how the body holds memory of trauma and wears everyday stress. It is a remarkable tool to teach so as to empower people to have a practical means to release stress as well as old traumas. The physical and mechanical improvements in the body are a great surprise, especially when TRE is practiced with consistency. See for more background on TRE. Whether you are a new or seasoned student, we have more to learn together!

Shoulder and Heart Openers – The shoulder is the most complicated joint of the body and many shoulder issues will become multifaceted along the way to recovery. Creating traction for shoulder and neck muscles, building upper body strength in a safe and comprehensive way, using breathing exercises to stretch from within, releasing neck tension, and learning to maintain great shoulder range of movement will all be addressed in this workshop.