We Offer Private, Group & Corporate Mind-body Classes
Summer Workshops & Yoga Teacher Training

We provide an opportunity for transformation of body, mind and spirit by offering a more
traditional yoga experience in a safe and therapeutic environment.  See you on the mat! 

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Hear what our fans are saying!

“It has been very beneficial to me as I have aged to be in Mona's Yoga and Chair   Yoga classes. If people ask me (as I reached my 90th birthday) ‘What's your secret?’   Well!  It's no secret!  YOGA  WITH  MONA!  Shout it from the housetops!

The greatest benefit:  I have learned things about my body - and prolonging its energy - that I would never have learned otherwise .  There's nothing  difficult, painful, or uncomfortable. On the contrary, it's calming, soothing, introspective, assuring to me. It keeps pain away  -  and it's so easy!”

Celia S.



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