We Offer Private, Group & Corporate Mind-body Classes
Summer Workshops & Yoga Teacher Training

We provide an opportunity for transformation of body, mind and spirit by offering a more
traditional yoga experience in a safe and therapeutic environment.  See you on the mat! 

Hear what our fans are saying!

I think I started classes at the end of September. At that point, I was unable to walk to the mailbox and back without back pain. By the end of the first eight weeks, I could get there and back easily. Even more dramatic, in September, I was afraid to even try to get down on the floor for fear that I could not get back due to weakness in shoulders and inability to put one or the other knee on the floor. In December, I was able to get up with a small cushion under one knee (needed for just 10 seconds). On January 5th, I "blew my daughters mind" when I sat on the floor to mark a pants hem. This time I got up without having to rest briefly on one knee! I owe it to yoga and to your carefully watching my body mechanics.  Thanks and I will keep coming as I can tell the difference.

-Margaret Dick


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